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Along with our general services, Kraft Built offers the following amazing specialties:


Glass can be such an awesome amenity in a house. So many things are happening with glass. A short list of examples are:

• Magic Mirror TVs
• Backlit mirrors
• Smart Mirrors
• Glass floors
• Decorative art glass
• Glass railings

Let us show you how our custom glass options can be used to enhance and modernize your home.

Epoxy Floors:

Epoxy floors are a super-artistic option for a home owner (not recommended for condo owners above the first floor). We can turn your floor into a statement. Colors and sheen ranging from a beautiful satin white floor, to multiple metallic colors under a high-gloss finish, epoxy floors really are breath-taking. As well, they are seamless and, usually, they cost less than a typical tile floor, without a big, noisy mess. They take a fraction of the time to install, compared to tile, and you don’t have to worry about keeping the grout joints clean! Call us for your free consultation.

Concrete Counters:

Concrete counters are extremely functional and another amazing and artistic option to make your home unique and modern. Literally, there are endless options. We can embed things into the concrete, such as a sink or drainboard, glass, stainless, etc. We can make them different shapes and thicknesses. We can alter the color and finish of the concrete. We can coat the concrete with metallic paints and seal it with clear epoxy. It is amazing what can be done with concrete counters. We are happy to show you some options to help you come up with something outstanding, to compliment your taste and style.

Marble, Stone, Porcealin And Quartz:

Would you like custom cut marble, granite or quartz tiles for floors or walls, or custom counters? Kraft Built can provide the highest quality and accuracy with state-of-the-art equipment.

Planning and design:

All projects, no matter how small, require some level of planning. We have in-house design capabilities to design kitchens, cabinets, mill-work and small changes to rooms.

For the high-end and/or larger projects, involving substantial demolition, structural matters, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc., we have a vast base of connections for all of the trades, as well as architects, engineers and award-winning interior designers. During your free, initial consultation with Kraft Built, we will help you sift through those details and make recommendations to you. So, you can stay relaxed and let us guide you through the, sometimes, complicated matter of building and remodeling.

Do you have your own trade or design professionals that you prefer to work with? Great! We are happy to oblige.